Tree Babies & Tree Tots Class - Returning 2022

Tree Babies - This amazing NEW class is for pregnant women, new mums and all parents/caregivers of young babies in a sling/infant carrier. 

Tree Tots - This class is for young toddlers up to age 3yrs.


Tree Babies

Mindfulness in nature for you and your baby. Perfect for pregnant mums to create calm and stillness before your baby is born.

Tree Babies & Tree Tots

Perfect for connecting with others and yourself. Learn new mindfulness skills, relax in beautiful surroundings and come away from class feeling calm and ready for the world.

Enjoy the beautiful grounds of Hopetoun
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Tree Tots

Beautiful class discovering movement, craft and connection in nature. For adult and children under 3yrs. Classes are a relaxed flow with children at the heart of everything we do.

Forest Bathing

Enjoy the unique benefits of being in nature during a Tree Babies or Tree Tots class. Feel the immune boosting properties of the forest trees, the natural grounding of your body and the amazing connection with yourself.


Tree Babies and Tree Tots Class

What to expect (video)