All About Vanessa @LovelyNess

What you can expect from me.

Antenatal support

I can support you antenatally as you prepare for the birth or as part of a full birth support package which includes my support and presence during your labour and birth and a visit postnatally too. Each antenatal session lasts around 2-2.5hrs and is tailored to your individual needs and wishes. These sessions are a great opportunity for me to get to know you and your birth preferences, offering support with birth preparation and planning.  We can discuss comfort techniques that you can utilise during the birth such as breathing techniques, positions and movement, use of water, massage and aromatherapy. These antenatal sessions can include my attendance at medical appointments as required and additional support by telephone or email when needed. I support your partner and family as part of my bespoke package of care allowing them to feel empowered and included in your birthing journey.

Labour & birth

I offer support for your birth choice including VBAC, multiples birth, hospital or at home.
I will be exclusively on call from 38-42 weeks for your birth. If your baby is born before or after this time I will still try my best to be there if possible. I will be there from when you call for my presence in labour until up to a few hours after the birth, depending on your needs.
I can offer suggestions and support  with natural comfort techniques if needed; breathing, positions, massage or acupressure. I will believe in you and offer unwavering love and support.
I can advocate on your behalf if required and I will support your birth partner to be fully confident and  present at the birth, ensuring they have shorts breaks and refreshments as needed.

 Postnatal support

If you choose birth support I will be there immediately after the birth protecting that first 'golden hour' with your new baby, supporting your first special moments together. I can offer practical assistance in those first few hours with breastfeeding, ensuring you have adequate refreshments and nutrition and helping you up to the shower.  I will then arrange a visit with you and your new family at home usually within the first 24 hours where you may wish some practical help and advice. A second visit will be within the first 7 days where I can assist you to debrief your birth experience. In addition, I can also offer on-going regular postnatal support to help with feeding, simple household chores, ensuring you have regular refreshments, nutrition and sleep, whatever is needed as you transition into your role as a mother.  This support can vary from 1-2 visits in the first week as you settle in at home to regular visits up to 6 weeks postnatally. The assistance I provide will be individually tailored to your needs.

As your Doula

I can be a supportive presence.

I can attend to your birth space.

I can offer physical and emotional comfort.

I can advocate for you and support you in your decision making.

I cannot perform any clinical tasks or offer any advice or diagnosis.

I cannot make any decisions for you.

Having a doula may reduce the likelihood of having an induction, caesarean section or an instrumental birth and can reduce the need for pain medication or epidurals during birth. Further research has also revealed that births supported by a doula tend to be shorter. Continuous support for women during childbirth - PubMed (nih.gov)

There is available evidence to show doulas have a positive impact on birth experience, breastfeeding rates, and on maternal mental health with lower incidence of postnatal depression. 

Doula fee £950.00

  • 2 antenatal visits approx.

  • On call for 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after due date.

  • your labour and birth.

  • 1-2 postnatal visits to debrief and assist with an issues you may be having or just to have a cup of tea and admire your new baby.

Baby holding parent pinky finger

It gives me great joy to have helped so many women and families experience their pregnancy and labour in a positive way. I’m especially happy to share some of the positive feedback I’ve received from clients, many of whom I’ve remained in touch with.

Newborn Baby with Mom

Dear Vanessa, thank you so much for everything you did to help me prepare for meeting my son. Before, during and after the labour and birth. You were really amazing - you thought of absolutely everything.
It was all worth it - I have so many special memories of my son's arrival into the world. Claire xx